March 25, 2011

Bad Love Sonnet with Stomach Flu

 Oh twelfth anniversary,
a seemingly doomed twelfth, poor twelfth
with babysitter-set plans,
for an entire March afternoon's span,
without our three little elves
Just me and him, hand in hand.

 It was about three-in-the-morning 
always three...why three?
when the sound of vomiting
broke the silence of our sleep
"Is someone throwing up?"
I called out from the bed...
"It's me Mom" Soda said.

So all through the morning 
and all through the day
after rainchecking the sitter 
my knight held our little Soda as he slept 
leaning him over the barf bucket
when Soda would whimper
"Dad help..."

"It wasn't exactly as we'd planned 
not what we'd pictured," my knight said, 
but...somehow romantic
and sweet and fun.
"Kinda like our marriage,"
he said. I answered, "Yup."

The stomach flu lifted
Soda began to eat saltines
All of us much relieved
sat down on the couch and
turned on Indiana Jones number three.

What could top that??


The Good Food Fairy


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