October 13, 2010


What does it mean when it's 10 O'clock in the morning and you are eating nachos off a foil lined baking sheet?  (With some good pico de gallo, of course?)

Does it mean you have just realized it takes a really smart person to wield a "Simple" Singer sewing machine...and what does it mean that the thread from the bobbin keeps getting stuck and stopping the machine?

Does it mean that you are worried that the chain mesh tunic you have labored on with the aid of the "Simple" sewing machine for the Horseman's knight costume, may not be historically accurate and / or not fit him??

Or does it mean that you might never find a fabulous gluten-free pizza dough recipe?

No.  Eating nachos off of foil at 10 in the morning simply means that you're tired and need a nap before the clamor of boys descends upon the house.


The Good Food Fairy